On the behalf of the Grangeville FFA alumni I want to give a great warm welcome to the new Grangeville FFA Advisor and Ag teacher 
Levi Stone.
Thank you for coming and wanting to help the kids succeed. We are truly excited to see what you bring to the program.

Why We Support

The FFA Alumni and Supporters wants to see the upcoming generation succeed in the field of agriculture, not only that but in life. When you were in FFA in high school or are involved in agriculture,  you wanted to see great things emerge from the younger generation. This organization wants to see these young people do great things in and after high school or college. 


Membership Form

Please print off and mail at our address at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Minutes 

In the below attachment is the monthly meeting minutes. Please feel free to read it and bring in new ideas to the next meeting.


FFA Alumni Mission Statement

The mission of the Grangeville FFA Alumni is to secure the promise of agriculture education

through the Grangeville FFA. Grangeville FFA Alumni fosters personal growth, premier leadership,

and career success by working with the Grangeville FFA, and the community of Grangeville,and

the agricultural community, to create a safe, fulfilling and supportive environment for agricultural



President - Earl Musick

Vice President - Eric Forsmann

Secretary - Julia McCarthy

Treasurer -Marie Whinery

FFA Advisor - Levi Stone