Grangeville FFA Program Tractor Auction

Thank you to all the bidders who supported the kids in the program.

Huge Thank You to 

Gary Canaday for buying the tractors.

The Grangeville FFA and Alumni thank you very much for the support and for keeping the local. We look forward to seeing them in the future.




This year the kids worked there butts and got two tractors done to be auctioned off. Throughout the year they got a 1952 Farmall H tractor and 1948 Ford 8-N tractor restored. The Farmall H was donated by Eric Jungert and the Ford 8-N by Jon Crotinger. We as an alumni want to thank each and everyone for donating not only the tractors but there time and effort. We really appreciate everyone that is supporting the Grangeville AG and FFA program.

The Grangeville FFA Advisor Katie Mosman gave us a little beside the scenes information on both tractors.

"The 1952 Farmall M was donated by Eric Jungert. Students in Grangeville High School mechanics classes began working on this in fall of 2020. They rebuilt part of the front axle, fabricated smaller parts like the battery box and PTO cover, did some hydraulics work with the help of local professionals, restored the body top to bottom, and much more. The tractor has brand new tires and a fresh coat of paint applied by the students themselves. Many students in the GHS ag program had a hand in this tractor. It took a lot of work at they are proud of it! 


The 1948 Ford 8-N was donated by John Crotinger. Students in the Advanced Mechanics class began working on this in the Spring of 2021. They fabricated a front bumper, cleaned up some body work, and applied a fresh coat of paint. This tractor comes with a blade. It runs like a dream and has been one of the students’ favorite projects!"   -Katie Mosman

We are auctioning these two tractors off to raise funds for the Grangeville FFA program. The money goes to future products and needs within the program. You can watch both tractors in the Border Days parade. The Auction begins today July 2, 2021 click the link in the box above to take you to it will end August 23, 2021. The tractors will also be at the Idaho County Fair we will have a booth set up.

Come on over and join us!!

The kids really love working on these projects as well as the other classes through out the Agriculture Program, we really appreciate the people that support everything that the kids do. Through this uncertain time in the area we would like to get more members and supporters to keep the program alive and well. Click here to get the membership form to join, mail in to the address on the form.